Rikuya Yoshida
Rikuya Yoshida
Name Rikuya Yoshida
Kanji 東郷麻也
Romaji Yoshida Rikuya
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 71

Rikya Yoshida is a God Candidate, and currently Rika's ally


A freshman from other school, long hair with bangs tied up, and slightly thick eyebrows. He's first seen located in the rooftop, hovering through the fences while conversing with Rika Honjo through the phone.


Rikuya, from a first observation, is your typical freshman guy who's delicate and pessimistic in nature. He recognizes himself as a weakling that doesn't know anything useful at all, and depends on his manipulated masks to finish the work. Despite this flaw, Rika has acknowledged his help, realizing to himself of his true potential and capability to save others as a "person closer to God".


  • Faceless Mask
    • Ability to Manipulate Mask



Based from the manga, he was reported to hold five masks on his hands. Three for offense and two for defense.

Rika HonjoEdit

So far, he's the only relatively necessary character he has conversed with. They decided to form an alliance.


Masks Under his ControlEdit

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Rikuya Yoshida's Masks
China Mask Jamadhar Mask Judo Mask
Military Shovel Mask
Monk Mask