Name Mizushita
Kanji 東京都
Romaji Mizushita
Gender Male
Age 27
Occupation Police Officer
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 8

Mizushita (東京都, Mizushita) was a Survivor and a minor antagonist






Mizushita is introduced observing a girl walking down a hall way inside a building.[1]

A short while later, when his sergeant asks about the girl he saw. He mentions that she looks like an ordinary human being, to which his sergeant suggests she has possibly gotten lost in the world like them. Apologizing he mentions not knowing there was anybody else besides the masked man, and they shouldn't let their guard down.[2]

Mizushita And Police Sergeant Talking

Mizushita and his Sergeant talking.

When his sergeant saves the girl from a masked man, Mizushita comes running and apologizes for his lateness. Told he can't be afraid of heights and suspension bridges, he apologizes once again. When he suggests asking the girl about the helicopter noise. The girl mentions about it landing near by, to which they go to inspect. When his sergeant turns his back Mizushita pushes him off the building. Claiming he did it unintentionally, he remarks about himself being alone with the girl.[3]

Mizushita Shot

Mizushita shot.

Told to calm down as he isn't in the right state of mind. He questions why when he's trapped in this world. Noticing a japanese sword he picks it up and orders the girl to take off her jacket or die. After she does so he places the sword in between her shirt. Cutting her shirt he orders she remove her panties while leaving her skirt on. She starts doing so, suddenly she shouts about a masked sniper. Confused he turns around only to be shot in the head.[4]

Still alive Mizushita starts crawling towards the girl asking for her help, until the sniper kills him with one final shot. When the girl drags his body towards her she searches him.[5]

After searching him for anything of value. She lights his body on fire using the lighter he possessed.[6]


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