Maid Mask
Maid Mask
Name Maid Mask
Kanji メイド仮面
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Occupation Mask
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 19
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Maid Mask is one of the masks earlier seen in the story and the first mask crossed by Yuri which is considered stronger and more experienced than the masks she had encountered before.


She is dressed in maid attire with the skirt rising up to her thigh, brown short hair and wields a sickle with a short handle.


There wasn't much identified of her true sense. Yuri Honjo was able to destroy the lower half of her mask, resulting to some of her consciousness reverting back, but she couldn't avoid the protocol of suicide once commanded. Having the ability to talk due to her broken mask, she was, however, able to gave her parting line, wishing for Yuri to successfully reunite with her brother, calling Yuri's name as a close friend, and a kind smile depicting her sincere wish for her.


She is relatively more experience, being able to strengthen her limbs to act in innate way, dashing and leaping from one building to another and moving in fast method.