Ain's Face

Name Ain
Kanji 力タナの仮面/アン県
Romaji Ain
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Blue
Occupation Mask
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 65 (Flasbhack)

Chapter 66

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Ain was a Smiling Mask mask under the control of Kuzuma Aohara.

After his death, his powers were transfered to her making her a God Candidate


Small girl in lolita attire, long black hair tied in pigtails and a ribbon decorated at the top, and wielding a katana.


There wasn't processed much of her emotions as she is often seen wearing her mask and immobile unless commanded by her master.

She however was seen exposing a trait of such a child by sneezing carelessly in front of her master and Yuki and her company. Her playfulness and innocence were also witnessed by her joy of rain and habit of sitting in accident prone railings of the rooftop.

In a seen in a manga, she expresses her longing of her now-deceased friend when she thought of her but was falsely surprised by a different person.

Her speech is limited but she is able. It is either she prefers to remain mute, but has the capacity to speak, or her words are controlled by the mask. The only word she has spoken so far was "Rain!".


She wields a sword, and appears to be proficient in using it. She was able to fight evenly against Mayuko Nise during their fight, along with cutting any surrounding objects in half. After Kuzuma Aohara died, he allowed her to choose her own path and entrusted her with the ability to stop angel from moving in 1 second.



  • The name Ain comes from the word, Eins. Meaning one in German.